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Removing smoke and handling cigarettes and ash in smoking rooms

The perfect all-in-one unit for any smoking room

1. Capturing the smoke
By capturing the smoke before it spreads we can minimize the risk of leakage from your smoking room and significant improve the environment also in the smoking room or smoking area. This is achieved by creating high airflows, which draw the smoke in the desired direction into the filters.

2. Filtering the hazardous gases
When purifying tobacco smoke it is essential to ensure that even the small- est particles are eliminated. Our patented filters catch 100 % of tobacco specific gases and particles. Regular maintenance guarantees that this level of filtration is maintained over time.

3. Recirculating the clean air
After cleaning the air from all hazardous gases and particles, we re-circulate the clean air back into the room, shorten the time to clean all the air within the smoking room and make the unit works independent of the ventilation.

4. Safe handling of the disposals
Recommended by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, our unique fireproof ash handling system handles the disposal of ash and cigarette ends.


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