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Workplace environment

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Better workplace

  • Non-smokers and smokers can spend time together without being exposed
    to any health risks or smoking odour – creates a better social environment in the workplace
  • Shorter running times – smoking breaks are shorter with a smoking cabin nearby
  • Increased accessibility – reach your colleagues, be close to your work station
  • Better corporate image – no dirty entrances or clusters of smokers outside the workplace


Better air quality

  • Protects non-smokers from passive smoking. With 100% purification not only is the
    air smoke-free, it is also generally of a better quality
  • Removes the need for an odorous and space-consuming smoking room saves on
    office space
    , renovation costs and protects occupants from poor quality air
  • No smoke odour clinging to clothes or hair helps to create a more pleasant and
    hygienic working environment


Increased health & safety

  • No fire risks – 100% fire-safe handling of cigarette butts and ash
  • Better peripheral protection – security doors that need to be closed are kept closed
  • Increased control of manufacturing and production environments - you never have to
    leave your working station


Other benefits

  • Reduced smoking – the need for an "extra cigarette" is lessened
  • Simple installation – makes it easy to move when necessary
  • Just one wall socket needed – connection to ventilation system not required


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