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Siemens adopts innovative smoking solution

Siemens Smoke free reference

What was it like before?
I remember my training at Siemens when colleagues still kept ashtrays on their desks. That was perfectly normal then - it is unimaginable today. The smoke took its toll on the appearance of the offices and refurbishments were very costly. Then, as a result of the 'Passive Smoking Act' in 2003 a general smoking ban was introduced in all Siemens premises. The search for alternatives led to a framework agreement between QleanAir Scandinavia and Siemens AG in 2004.

Environmental protection at Siemens
The use of energy-efficient technical components is very much in line with our Green Building approach. Even after many years I am still fascinated when I watch one of the Smoke Free units being serviced. I always think to myself: My goodness, a lot of technology has gone into that sustainable waste disposal included.

What concerns were there?
There are always sceptical voices. Particularly at the thought of a smoking cabin in the club area of our new Dusseldorf premises. However, experience has shown that the stations work extremely well and are usually accepted by all. Non-smokers are often impressed and say that they don't notice the smoke, even when standing only half a metre away. This is the best evidence that the smoke and harmful substances are completely sucked away and safely disposed of. Regular monitoring after each service also back this up.

Important points for facilities management
Running the business is easier. After the installation of the smoking stations I don't need to worry about anything any more because I can rely on the QleanAir Scandinavia´s service. That saves time.