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Lifetime guarantee

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How to handle smoking in the workplace with lifetime guarantee

This means that for the whole lifetime of your system, as long as you use it correctly and we do regular maintenance and service it will have full functionality In eliminating second hand smoking at all times!

Reliable at all times
You  will be benefiting from one of the most advanced solutions to handle tobacco smoking in the workplace. The QleanAir Scandinavia Smoke Free solution is the result of over 20 years of experience through research & development, dialogue and regular field tests and maintenance.

Our extensive maintenance program includes:

  • Regular services at any geographical location in your country
  • Exchange of filters and check that the filters keep their full capacity
  • Check the total functionality
  • Cleaning essential areas related to the function
  • Emptying the ash container and taking care of the butts and ash in an environmentally friendly way

Furthermore we keep track of actions done on the smoking cabin in our system to retrieve information. By doing that we can evaluate preventive actions needed in the future to keep the smoking cabin performing at highest standard.

Our high commitment to clean air environments makes us proud and confident enough to offer you a Lifetime Guarantee.

Take us up on that, contact us and we will tell you more!