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Smoke Free Smoking Cabins –
Stand Alone Smoking Solutions

Cost savings and risk reduction with QleanAir smoking cabins. Thanks to the smoking cabin major savings can be made when smoke breaks are shortened, use of premises is optimised and energy costs are reduced. Also, the risk of cigarette ends starting fires on the premises is non-existent with our patented fireproof Ash Handling System.

Smoke Free SF6000 Smoke Free Square
SF-Line Large Smoking Cabin

Smoking Cabin solutions from QleanAir are

Easy to install - completely free standing.
Self contained filter solution. No ventilation needed.
Guaranteed performance.


Improving Existing Smoking Room Environments 

QleanAir Scandinavia has developed a solution to this problem: the Smoking Room clean air concept, where a combination of products ensures a significant improvement of the air quality and overall environment in the smoking room.

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100% Smoke Free Environment
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