The Story of QleanAir Scandinavia

In the late 80's, a man who knew a lot about how smoke worked and behaved found a smart way to completely clean air from it's hazardous materials, dangerous components and particles. It was the beginning of Smoke Free System.

Peter Bjersten commercialized his filtration technology as Smoke Free Systems, just as Sweden was implementing tough non-smoking laws. Seeing the potential, Håkan Lindström (who is allergic to cigarette smoke) joined as part owner.

Together, their air filter design and technology began solving the problems associated with passive smoking. Air quality in the surrounding environments improved, interaction between smokers and non-smokers increased, and they noticed that their staff noticed as well, which boosted moral and productivity.

Peter and Håkan demonstrated to thousands of people that their smoking cabinet eliminated all the negative associations relating to cigarette smoking. It captured the smoke before it could spread into the environment, and cleaned it with an advanced filter technique that left the re-cycled air pure, clean and fresh.

Today, this high tech filter technology is known as QleanAir Scandinavia. We are industry leaders in providing practical clean air solutions that meet governmental standards. Our service record is envied. And this is because we are passionate about providing everyone with a clean air environment.

QleanAir. Anywhere.